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 britishflag frenchflag germanflag Harold is Back! Harold is back and better than ever with another 8 puzzles that are guaranteed to push you to your intellectual limits. Before your team can enter the chambers of the original There is no Learning Curve, you must first prove your worth in Harold’s Candidature Aptitude Tests. This three-player cooperative puzzle experience will have you making music, solving sums, and dancing for your life in a series of mental challenges like nothing you’ve seen before! Puzzle your way through 8 distinct zones in order to prove to Harold you have the skills required to become a fully fledged test subject. This map is packed with puzzles and mini-games to keep your group entertained for more than 4 hours, topped off with one almighty final test to put you and your two friends through your paces. Does YOUR group have what it takes to pass your CATs? Or will you join Harold’s collection of failed subjects – doomed to resit your exams forever! 123456 Looking for a team? Want to play our maps but don't have a group of 3? Team up on Parallel and start playing! Find Teammates Download Map Download 90192 Downloads