Oscilight: The light shadow

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Mental Block Gaming has hand-picked this map for your enjoyment. We think it’s incredible! Oscilight - The Light Shadow Created by Dwittyy  ‘Where there is light, there is a shadow’ Oscilight: The Light Shadow Follow the philosophical narrative in this single-player puzzle map as you use a variety of lights, each with their own behaviours, to navigate each chamber and reach the end. Pair up with your shadow, working in harmony to complete over 50 unique and challenging levels that will have you playing for hours! Over 50 mind-bending puzzles Never seen before mechanics An intriguing philosophical narrative Let’s Plays Vikkstar123HD Vikkstar123HD Vikkstar123HD OakleyB73 A word from the creator… My name is Dwittyy, and I spent 6 months on this map alone and over a year building upon the mechanic of ‘lights’. If you found bugs, liked or disliked the map, or want to share any videos, please leave a reply on this thread. Constructive criticism is warmly welcomed! YouTubers: please link the thread in the video description. Thanks for playing! And thanks to CaffeineBoost for the 6 Bonus levels! Dwittyy w See more information Visit Forum Post Download Oscilight Download Map Downloads5292