The present factory

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Mental Block Gaming has hand-picked this map for your enjoyment. We think it’s incredible! The Present Factory Created by QwertyuiopThePie  The Present Factory In The Present Factory, it’s your job to construct a production line to a set specification using a variety of blocks with their own set mechanics. Twist, turn, push, pull, stack and compare in this ingenious sandbox puzzle game! These puzzles will require a logical brain to crack the algorithms and get the correct presents delivered safe and sound. What’s more, if you’ve always wanted to learn programming, this game might be a good place to start – and even if coding isn’t your thing, we know you’ll have fun playing with the incredible mechanics! With more than 20 levels to enjoy, this map will easily keep you entertained for 2-3 hours. If you get stuck, you and your friends can always put your heads together thanks to multiplayer compatibility! And if THAT still doesn’t help, there’s a useful hint-through built into the game so you aren’t left eternally scratching your head. What are you waiting for? Get building! Over 20 mind-boggling levels 2-3 hours of gameplay Build your own puzzles and challenge others Let’s Plays Logdotzip Logdotzip Logdotzip no_leaf_clover A word from the creator… Thanks for playing! Keep in mind that the difficulty level of this puzzle varies wildly from person to person. Some people find it easy, but most people require a lot of hints. Don’t be ashamed to use the ingame hint system! That’s why it’s there! I’d like to give credit to Wiskeyweasel for the build, NateT_Bird for the resource pack, and Panda4994 and RedstoneSpire for messing around with the system for hours on end to make things I didn’t know were possible. QwertyuiopThePie w See more information Visit Forum Post Download The Present Factory Download Map Downloads 7850