6 Apr 2017

Resource pack

How to Make a Custom Texture for a Minecraft Sign

Minecraft Sign - Front

Looking to re-texture the sign in your Minecraft resource pack? Look no further…

After several hours of modding assets for our maps I wanted to post this quick reference guide. The reason being that I found editing the sign assets one of the more awkward to get right.

The sign structure

Here are the screenshots of the texture to help with placement.

Minecraft Sign - Front Front colours

Minecraft Sign - Back Back colours

Here is the base texture to build on.

Minecraft Sign - Front The sign image file, feel free to save it

Color key

ColourSign placement
PurpleFront (Text Area)
OrangeTop edge
Darkreen – Left edge (when looking at the front)
BlueRight edge (when looking at the front)
OrangeTop edge
YellowBottom Edge
GreyFront of pole
BlackLeft of pole (when looking at the front)
GreenRight of pole (when looking at the front)
Light PurpleBack of pole
TurquoiseBottom of pole

Hope this guide helps you save some time when trying to texture the Minecraft sign!

Happy Modding!