Workshop Wars: Christmas Edition

Become One of Santa's Little Helpers This Christmas

Santa Needs Your Help!

Sharpen your tools and brush up on your crafting – Christmas is just around the corner and Santa is recruiting new elves to make presents for all the world’s good boys and girls!

In two teams, you elves will be pitted against each other in a race to craft Christmas presents before the other team. Read Santa’s letters to find out what a child wants, then gather, smelt and craft as fast as your jingling boots will let you! After five rounds of crafting madness, the winner is decided!

Teams can be as large or as small as you want – all you need to play the game is two or more players. The fully integrated spectator mode means you can watch the flurry from afar without getting swept up in the blizzard!

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The fantastic material we have used to make ‘Workshop Wars: Christmas Edition’ more enjoyable


Round 1 Music

by Protocat

'Sleigh Ride'

Main Lobby Music

by David Grossman 


Round 3 Music

by Waterflame 

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