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Our brand new minecraft map features a rogue-like style game play and randomly generated levels..


Prismatic - A colour based single player Minecraft puzzle map

Prismatic, a colour based puzzle map. A short single player adventure that will have you seeing rooms through a different light as you colour your way through the complex. There is now a colourblind-friendly resource pack now available for Prismatic!

There is no Learning Curve 2

There is no Learning Curve 2: Candidature Aptitude Tests

Harold is back and better than ever with another 8 puzzles that are guaranteed to push you to your intellectual limits. Before your team can enter the chambers of the original There is no Learning Curve, you must first prove your worth in Harold’s Candidature Aptitude Tests.

There is no Learning Curve

There is no Learning Curve

This puzzle/adventure map is a three player cooperative experience like no other. Decipher your way through more than 10 unique and stimulating chambers with more than 4 hours of gameplay. Manipulate water, iron and even time in order to progress under the supervision of your friendly host, Harold.

Templars of Hyrule

Templars of Hyrule

A 3 player cooperative adventure/puzzle map based on Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The golden goddesses have called upon three heroes to assist Link in restoring the peace. Embark on a new adventure of your own to stop Ganondorf’s evil forces from seizing Hyrule!

Journey to the Origin

Our Brand New Server Game

Server Info

Featured Minecraft Maps

A showcase of some of the best Minecraft maps from the Minecraft community!

Oscilight: The Light Shadow

Follow the philosophical narrative in this single-player puzzle map as you use a variety of lights, each with their own behaviours, to navigate each chamber and reach the end.

By Dwittyy

The Present Factory

In The Present Factory, it’s your job to construct a production line to a set specification using a variety of blocks with their own set mechanics. Twist, turn, push, pull, stack and compare in this ingenious sandbox puzzle game!

By QwertyuiopThePie

From the Blog

Known Issues With RogueQuest v1.0

This up-to-date list of bugs in RogueQuest v1.0 will give you quick and easy instructions for bypassing areas that are currently unbeatable due to small errors. Feel free to favourite this page and check back before playing!  read more…

Dev Log #15: Official RogueQuest Trailer!!

[This post will contain spoilers about RogueQuest. You were warned!]

Previous – Dev Log #14: Teaser Trailer

Although we’ve been quiet, we certainly haven’t been idling! After spending some time finalising Tyler’s cuts and correcting Maddison audio, we’ve finally managed to piece together the teaser trailer and the official trailer. You may have seen the teaser already, but check out the full trailer below! read more…

Dev Log #14: Teaser Trailer

Dev Log #14: Teaser Trailer

[This post will contain spoilers about RogueQuest. You were warned!]

Previous – Dev Log #13: Animate, Animate, Animate

Sorry for the radio silence – it’s been a busy for months in the Mental Block Gaming offices! We are now proud to unveil our teaser trailer for RogueQuest! Bear in mind that this isn’t the full trailer, merely a short montage of the story for those who have been patiently waiting so long for our release!  read more…

Web Games

Have a play on our newest addition to the site, browser games!

Extreme Baller

Dodge enemies for as long as possible to rack up a huge score. How many points can you score before being smashed to smithereens?

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

*these games require unity to play and will not work on chrome

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