Journey to the Origin

Our Brand New Server Game

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Journey to the Origin

Welcome to Mental Block Gaming’s first ever server game, Journey to the Origin.

The world is coming to an end and humanity needs to act fast to secure its survival. Band together and get enough people to the ‘Origin’ (0,0,0) in order to save humanity before it’s too late!

Survive the trek

Hardcore survival world where dying will return you to the spawn and your items will be lost. To keep things challenging there will be areas of ‘adventure mode’ where you will be required to fight and explore your way through or find an alternative route!

On the Move

Travel through hell and high water on your perilous journey to the origin of the world.

Its Dangerous to Go Alone

Help other travellers. Pave the way by leaving rations and shelters for others. Teamwork is all you have to get you through the long hard journey. A friendly, no PvP server with emphasis on cooperative gameplay.

The Promised Land

Reach the promise land and bring humanity one step closer to saviour. Time is limited and the number of survivors required to complete the server game is large!

Current Humanity Survival Status

Survivors have Reached the Origin

Survivors Points Required to Save Humanity


Way to Saving Humanity

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