Download ‘Prismatic’ v1.3

Our first single player puzzle map!


Play on Minecraft version 1.9 (How?)


We recommend that YouTubers use the colourblind-friendly resource pack

Install Resource Pack

  1. Download the resource pack (Note: Do NOT unzip)
  2. Load Minecraft
  3. Once in game, go to “Options”, then “Resource Packs”
  4. Click “Open Resource Pack Folder” button
  5. Paste the .zip file of the resource pack into this folder
  6. Close, and select the resource pack in Minecraft

Prismatic Original Resource Pack


Colourblind-Friendly Resource Pack


Install Map

  1. Unzip map folder
  2. Insert unzipped map folder into your “.minecraft/saves/” folder or into your server folder and run it
  3. Play

Prismatic Map


Play on Minecraft version 1.9 (How?)

Mental Block Gaming


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