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E4R7H is a survival/adventure map set on an uncharted planet. Your spaceship has crash landed in hostile territory. The ship is in a state of ruin, but it is not beyond repair. You must gather resources from the treacherous land to slowly piece together your ship.

Time is precious. As Captain aboard the S.S. Redemption, you must strategize and prioritize to escape as quickly as possible. Craft custom-made tools with rare resources, unlock special rewards from optional ship repairs, and time-manage a legion of crew members in order to expedite your escape.

E4R7H is suitable for one to six players. Whether you decide to embark on a solo mission or to lead a crew of friends into space, there will always be something to do. If you so wish, crews of seven or more are also functional.

3D Printer Recipe Wiki

3D Printer Recipe Wiki coming soon!

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Current Version – Codename: Crafting (with music!)


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Current Version – Codename: Crafting


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