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Minecraft Maps made by Mental Block Gaming

Prismatic III: The Dye Doors

COLOUR, SOLVE, COLLECT. In this instalment of Prismatic, you must mix together the three primary colours to shade the complex in your favour; unlocking doors, opening up pathways and creating new unforeseen routes. Collect the nine beacons scattered around the chamber in order to escape.

RogueQuest: Chronos & the Lantern of Souls

Chaos is spreading from realm to realm, can you save Yakra from this evil? RogueQuest features rogue-like style game play, randomly generated dungeons, 4 unique characters each with a unique playstyle and storyline and can be played alone or with friends..



Prismatic, a colour based puzzle map. A short single player adventure that will have you seeing rooms through a different light as you colour your way through the complex. There is now a colourblind-friendly resource pack now available for Prismatic!

There is no Learning Curve 2


Harold is back and better than ever with another 8 puzzles that are guaranteed to push you to your intellectual limits. Before your team can enter the chambers of the original There is no Learning Curve, you must first prove your worth in Harold’s Candidature Aptitude Tests.

There is no Learning Curve


This puzzle/adventure map is a three player cooperative experience like no other. Decipher your way through more than 10 unique and stimulating chambers with more than 4 hours of gameplay. Manipulate water, iron and even time in order to progress under the supervision of your friendly host, Harold.

Templars of Hyrule


A 3 player cooperative adventure/puzzle map based on Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The golden goddesses have called upon three heroes to assist Link in restoring the peace. Embark on a new adventure of your own to stop Ganondorf’s evil forces from seizing Hyrule!

Workshop Wars: Christmas Edition


Christmas is just around the corner, and Santa still has loads of letters flying in! Split into two teams to see which bunch of elves can craft quickest in this wacky competitive multiplayer Minecraft minigame!

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