Adventure Start!

Hey! Thanks for checking out the dev log! Every week I will be posting updates on the development of Ann Achronist so little by little you can see the game come to life for yourselves! First things first:

Ann wandering 17th-century Alderdale

Who is Ann Achronist?

Ann Achronist finds herself in a fix: down and out, left with nothing, life has not been kind to her. But that all changes when she comes across a mystical ring, imbued with the power to travel to the past. Enter 17th century Alderdale, seek out your ancestors, and cause a ripple through time big enough to shake up your present. Pave the way to fortune, fame, and fortitude in this charming narrative adventure.

– Encounter a host of delightful and dreadful Alderdalians whom you may entertain or infuriate at your will. There’s no need to fear the consequences: time (travel) is a great healer.

– Your actions directly impact your future. Learn new skills and forge alliances to aid future trips to the past.

– Not everything is as it seems: uncover the townspeople’s secrets to discover ulterior motives and hidden locations.

Jump from timeline to timeline in order to carve out a better future for your ancestors, and — by extension — for yourself.

When will the game be released?

Release is slated for the final quarter of 2018. This all depends on how smoothly development goes and how much time any commissioned pieces take to finish, but that’s the rough estimate right now.

Who are you?

I’m Dan (or MaybeLaterx of Mental Block Gaming), a 25-year-old game designer cum programmer from England. I originally studied French and German at university before shifting my focus to game development. I’ve been developing games for 4 years now, starting with Minecraft redstone, to command blocks, to drag’n’drop code and beyond, and this will be my second big project made in Unity. Looking forward to sharing my progress with you!

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