Game 2: ‘Acid Rain‘ comes to a close.

We really enjoyed this game challenge, particularly when seeing new players run into the rain start taking damage, panic and then dig themselves into a hole (some of which never came back out!). The game seemed to be very well received. We found a few very clever Minecrafters managed to find a better way to get to the origin in ways we hadn’t even thought of.. nice work guys!

So as we close the 2nd game lets take a look at who did well.

Game 2 Stats

  • over 700 hours of game play while it was live
  • over 120 unique players connected to the server
  • 12 survivors reached the origin!
  • Those survivors reached the origin a total of 96 times!

Game 2 Survivors: [Name] [Origin Reach Count]

untamedpython55 – 40
ShadowSoul1000 – 26
Vajrabhairava – 21
David123414 – 2
The_Atlas – 2
asd66448822 – 1
CabbageTron – 1
erukisha – 1
marhjo – 1
MegaCraft02 – 1
pie1115 – 1
st0rm_surg3 – 1

Well done to all those that reached the origin. This one was particularly tough with a challenging dungeon. Those that survived the journey will be present on the shrine to the forefathers in our next game!

Gameplay Awards

To celebrate those dedicated to the cause, we’d like to present the following players with an award for their efforts:

Longest Server Playtime: asd66448822
Highest Karma Award: untamedpython55
Most Creative Base: Vajrabhairava
Best Helper: MegaCraft02
Most Deaths: ShadowSoul1000
Best Survivor: untamedpython55

All those players awarded were raffled into a prize draw to win a steam key. This game’s winner is Vajrabhairava. Congratulations!
Game 2: Best Base

Most Creative Base: Vajrabhairava

Game 2 Screenshots

Origin Temple Totem

Game 2: Spawn Screenshot1

House of asd66448822

Game 2: Spawn from Afar

Spawn from afar

Game 2: Screenshot 2


Game 2: Screenshot 3

Game 2: Temple Origin

Game 2: Origin Run

Game 2: The Origin

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