The majority of work in September was focused around the development of Prismatic, Mental Block Gaming’s first single-player game. Design work for Prismatic started in August. By September all design documents were ready and it was just a matter of bringing the designs to life. Bon (ShinyBonsly) has been helping us do some of the building for the map which was a nice help, meaning we could focus on trickier parts of the map’s development. We managed to get a great deal of the map done in October so we were confident putting the countdown on the website. Dusk usually hates countdowns. 😉 But this time we’re ahead of schedule, meaning I can focus on marketing and promotion building up to the game’s release. #hype

There is no Learning Curve 2’s French translation and voiceovers have been completed. There are just a few signs and miscellaneous objects (such as the coloured sashes’ descriptions) that remain to be translated, otherwise it’s ready to go! I had to do the voiceovers myself as our native French voiceactor was unable to find the time to record the 600 voice files, understandably – it’s quite a mammoth task! Here’s hoping I didn’t do such a terrible job on pronunciation this time! (Let’s not talk about Learning Curve 1…)

The highlight for September was definitely EGX. In addition to some interesting indie games and the ever-popular retro game stands, there was also a booth for Yogscast and Hat Films. As I was nervously queueing for their autographs, the thing I was most worried about was messing up which Yogscast member was which! I knew Lewis, Simon and Duncan played the map, but Lewis was the only one who I could recognise! Fortunately, after lots of clarification from a friend in the queue, I managed not to mess up everybody’s names and got everybody’s autographs on a poster.

This is Sjin! (I think)

This is Duncan and Kim! (I think)

Oh I know this one it’s Simon!

I had a quick chat to them and asked if they remembered playing There is no Learning Curve (which they did!). Duncan and Sjin remarked that we should keep making high-quality maps because they can be hard to find, and it was funny speaking to Lewis; he said that he felt like he owed us some sort of royalties as the creators of the map! I asked him if they were planning to play the second one and he said that it’s already on his radar and although they have some scheduled content to work through first they will do it at the next possible opportunity! Really looking forward to that. Let’s just hope we can get the Learning Curve 2 bugfixes done before they start.

On the subject of Let’s Plays, CaptainSparklez recently did a full playthrough of TinLC1 and TinCL2! Here are a couple of animations that he made about the series:

And that just about wraps it up for September! Feel free to leave any questions in the comments below.


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