Without a doubt, the biggest event for MBG in October was the release of Prismatic. To date, the map has had 500 downloads and the feedback we’ve had has been excellent. Some players are having issues with losing glass panes but we will be patching that soon. For more info on the development of Prismatic, check out this blog post, and if you haven’t played it yet, have a go and tell us what you think!

Beyond Prismatic, we are currently working on a yet unnamed multiplayer racing game. We are planning to release the game in instalments, adding more courses to the map over time if it proves popular enough. This project requires a lot of building, so if anybody wants to join our team of builders the help would be much appreciated! Let us know by email at mentalblockgaming [at] gmail [dot] com or on the forums.

Speaking of the forums, PharmyB has been working on the implementation of the new Flarum forum software for the website. It’s looking great so far and is a huge improvement on our old platform, so join the discussion and help shape the future of MBG!

In other news, this month Duskreaper attended MCM Comicon in London. The event was highly attended and it was a great enjoyment to see all the fantastic cosplay costumes and stalls. It was really interesting to go and see some live Esports (Counterstrike finals) as well as watching Turps play some hearthstone at the Twitch stall. The weekend was a great success and I am looking forward to the next one in May 2016! Keep an eye out for us if you are going!

What’s more, MaybeLaterx took a trip to GameCity in Nottingham with the Warwick Game Design society. It was awesome to get to play some new games and speak to local devs. The two games that stood out were Theo & Lizzy and Raging Justice, an action runner game and a sidescrolling fighter game respectively.

MaybeLaterx, the completionist.

Our final piece of news is that the Warwick Game Design Society conducted an interview with MBG to get to know more about the processes and thinking that goes into our maps. The video is scheduled for upload soon, so stay tuned! [Update: Check out the video here!]

And that just about wraps it up for October! Happy Halloween, folks!


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