Looking to re-texture the sign in your Minecraft resource pack? Look no further…

After several hours of modding assets for our maps I wanted to post this quick reference guide. The reason being that I found editing the sign assets one of the more awkward to get right.

Here are the screenshots of the texture to help with placement.

Minecraft Sign - Front

Minecraft Sign - Back

Here is the base texture to build on.

Minecraft Sign Example Texture Image

Colour Key

Purple – Front (Text Area)
Orange – Top edge
Dark Green – Left edge (when looking at the front)
Blue – Right edge (when looking at the front)
Red – Back
Orange – Top edge
Yellow – Bottom Edge
Grey – Front of pole
Black – Left of pole (when looking at the front)
Green – Right of pole (when looking at the front)
Light Purple – Back of pole
Turquoise – Bottom of pole

Hope this guide helps you save some time when trying to texture the Minecraft sign!

Happy Modding!

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