This up-to-date list of bugs in Templars of Hyrule v1.1/v1.1.1 will give you quick and easy instructions for bypassing areas that are currently unbeatable due to small errors. (Check here for fixes for v1.0/1.0.1, and here for fixes for v1.2.1.) Feel free to favourite this page and check back before playing!

Goron City [Past]

Issue: When you reach Darunia and complete his quest, he doesn’t actually unlock Dodongo’s Cavern for you (despite what he says).

Fix: Break a hole in the floor to the left of Darunia. You will see a trail of redstone with one piece missing. Fill this gap with redstone.

Shadow Temple

Issue: When you reach this room, the Lens of Truth does not work on the Eye of Truth.

Fix: Break a hole in the ceiling to access the redstone on the roof, then add a redstone torch in the position shown below.

Spirit Temple

Isssue: When you reach the light reflection puzzle in the Spirit Temple, the emerald block does not behave properly.

Fix: Place a redstone torch on this wire below the emerald block to permanently power it.

Ganon’s Castle

Issue: At the end of the final boss battle when you hear this bit of dialogue “Minions, attack! If I’m to be banished here, let their corpses keep me company!”, the three pressure plates on the triforce aren’t working as intended.

Fix: Once you are all standing on the triforce pieces, type in the following code to trigger the next scene.

/setblock -514 146 366 redstone_torch 0

If this fix traps you in a dark room, simply type in the following code:

/summon Creeper -671 232 280


If you encounter any issues not listed here, please contact us using the details at the top of the page or leave a comment below, and we will investigate the matter and let you know about a fix as soon as possible. Thanks for helping us make Templars of Hyrule even better!


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