This up-to-date list of bugs in RogueQuest v1.0 will give you quick and easy instructions for bypassing areas that are currently unbeatable due to small errors. Feel free to favourite this page and check back before playing! 

Issue: Custom music volume is too loud.

Solution: The custom music slider will currently not turn down the volume effectively, unless it is set to 0 in which case it will no longer play background music. The best way to manage custom music currently is through the master volume slider until a fix is found. Setting the music slider to about 1%-5% reduces the volume somewhat.


Issue: After boss practice, generation does not complete leading players to be stuck in the waiting room forever.

Solution: Once generation is complete, enter the following command:
/setblock -63 10 -3 redstone_block
If the command fails or nothing happens, generation must not have finished, so try again in about 10 seconds. [Thanks Leafeon!]

If you encounter any issues not listed here, please contact us using the details at the top of the page or leave a comment below, and we will investigate the matter and let you know about a fix as soon as possible. Thanks for helping us make RogueQuest even better!

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