As some game developers among you will know, Ludum Dare is an international game jam event where developers across the globe have a weekend to put together a video game on a surprise theme announced at the start of the competition. The theme this time around was “Entire Game on One Screen”. Allow me to present Channel Surfing.

The result was this retro-themed platformer where you play as a stick figure jumping from screen to screen to reach the exit (collecting the golden star if you’re especially dextrous). Things get interesting in later levels when screens jumble around and change orientation, requiring some mental prowess and platforming skills.

Since Duskreaper and I wanted to work together on the project, we entered the jam instead of the compo. The compo has stricter rules: 48 hour time limit, one person only, no previously made assets can be used, and you can only use assets you have made yourself. The jam is more lenient but also leads to tougher competition. The jam’s rules state that you have an extra 24 hours to finish, you can work in teams, and you can use assets that you didn’t create yourself. Below is a timelapse of the game in development. The views bug had us stumped for a while, as you can see around the four-minute mark!

Despite the tougher competition of the Game Jam, Channel Surfing still performed incredibly well! The comments provided us with very useful feedback about the mechanics, little bugs, and difficulty levels. As such, I decided to clean up the game using the suggestions provided to polish off the experience.

If you want to try Channel Surfing yourself, download the latest version here! If you’re curious, you can download the old version to see where we made changes to improve the game. If you have any feedback about the game, don’t be afraid to leave us a comment below.

This may be the first time Mental Block Gaming has entered the competition, but it certainly won’t be the last!

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