It’s finally here! Mental Block Gaming’s first single player map, Prismatic, is now available. 

Game Dev Insights

We finally decided to make a single player map after having to drive away dozens of Minecrafters asking if they were able to play ‘There is no Learning Curve’ or ‘Templars of Hyrule’ on their own. Despite having found our niche in 3 player puzzle games, we now feel able to branch out and try new types of games. We also kept the playtime down to allow players to finish the game comfortably in a single sitting.

We hope Prismatic brings single player map fanatics to the website, and perhaps it will even encourage them to try other MBG maps! We had a lot of fun playing with the mechanics, and if the game is popular we will look at the possibility of creating a sequel!

Symphony of Colour – Credits Music

This was MaybeLaterx’s first music project (with the exception of ‘Chemistry‘). Working with the colour concept was a lot of fun, and the credits song, ‘Symphony of Colour‘ is available to download for free.

Game Dev Open Source Sound Pack

As a good will gesture, Mental Block Gaming is also releasing a sound pack from ‘Prismatic’ to use however you want, completely free! The pack contains all the atmospheric incidentals from the game, which could be used to underscore cinematics, exploration or loot finds. Our only condition is that Mental Block Gaming be credited along with any other sound engineers.

Download the sound pack here.

Creative Commons License

Note: The ‘Symphony of Colour’ song is NOT open source.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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