Good news everyone! After Prismatic’s overwhelming surge in popularity, we decided to act on our early instinct to implement a colourblind-friendly version of the map. The map is exactly the same, but the associated resource pack’s textures have been modified with symbols to represent each of the 7 colours used throughout the complex. 

We chose symbols that most closely represented their colour in a universal way. For example, yellow’s symbol is the sun and pink’s symbol is a love heart. Where possible, we also made the symbol relevant to the colour’s use within the game, as was the case with the blue raindrop and the green leaf.

The area that we feel colourblind players will struggle the most with is the room in which colours are mixed, since many colourblind people don’t gel well with colour theory. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this section to see if there is anything else we can do to make this mechanic clearer.

With all that in mind, we created this colourblind-accessible resource pack because we want you to be able to play and enjoy the map just as anyone else would. Similarly, YouTubers were getting comments from confused colourblind viewers stating that they struggled to follow what was going on. Even if players are still put off playing the map due to its strong link to colour, it at least helps colourblind onlookers understand the map a little more.

Feedback from colourblind players is much appreciated. Let us know if there are any improvements we could make to the map!

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