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Today we managed to get a variety of tasks completed for RogueQuest, mostly finishing off bits we had started but didn’t have the means to finish right away. One such example is the Alchemist’s Lucky Potion which grants the entire party better loot drops for the whole run.

Because of the way the luck attribute works, we needed to attach the luck attribute to a piece of their armour, and the only available slot that we could afford to make dynamic was the character head that players wear. We weren’t 100% sure on how we were going to assign the heads to players just yet, but since then we’ve decided to use two of our personal accounts for the skins and otherwise using the default Steve and Wither Skeleton Skull textures. So, with that decided, we were able to finish putting in the generic.luck values for the heads. Simples!

On the subject of heads, I managed to finish the last head that needed making – Maddison, the Ranger. Here’s Joel, Tyler, and Maddison side by side. She’s meant to be quite sassy and ‘Ugh, whatever’, so I gave her some attitude in the eyes and mouth in comparison to the other characters’ faces. At the minute she looks quite worryingly like a male, so I think I’m going to touch up the skin with a little more hair on the front of the face to differentiate her from the boys. When playing as her, she will be speaking, so that will help sell the idea of playing as a female a little more. I’m trying to avoid adding female identifiers like lipstick, bows, ribbons, etc., because they just don’t suit her character in the slightest and I think we can do the character more justice by keeping it natural and realistic.

As for the characters’ speech, we implemented some of the voice acting today. Although it hasn’t all been recorded yet, we managed to get the battle speech redstoned in and it sounds great! You make a sound as your character when attacking, taking damage, starting a tile and finishing a tile. I think it really helps you get into the zone, feeling even more epic for each time you slash and having that extra bit more sting when you hear yourself taking damage (it’s permanent, remember!). We’ll have to gauge whether or not it might get too noisy when too many players are added to the mix, but voice controls can also be controlled in the volume settings after all.

Like I said before, we were tying up loose ends today, and one of those loose ends was the unlock character system. We’d implemented most of the minishop villagers but hadn’t connected reviving characters with actually being able to choose the character you had unlocked. In case I haven’t already clarified: in order to unlock new characters, you have to spend loot that you earned on that run to revive the dead, unlockable characters who are already somewhere in the dungeon. When you revive the character, you will be able to choose the new character after you finish the current run and head back to the main shop. Pictured above is the sad scene that greets you as you cross each lifeless corpse. Once revived, the villager spirit falls into the slumped armour stand and they jump into life, the character whom you revived spouting grateful thank yous before heading back to the safety of the overworld. It looks cute! (Props to Iron_M whose modded villager skin I edited to get this effect!)

And of course, we had to put more work into the main slog of creating all of each lands tiles and boss fights. Pyralia’s tile set is now completely finished and just needs mobs adding to it. We have since started working on the boss fight, and although I was initially concerned about the boss’s abilities bordering on ridiculous, we’ve managed to tie in into the gameplay in a much more reasonable way now. There are some really cool phases to this boss – the most notable of which is a huge spiralling tower of (reasonably difficult) parkour while lava rises up from the ground beneath you. You’d better be quick, else you’ll scorch your toes! We will test this phase diligently, as dying in the lava at one of the later stages of the game could be incredibly frustrating. In keeping with giving each character a strength for each zone, the Alchemist’s fire resistance will prove invaluable for this fight.

Finally, we put together a serene starting house that players wake up in as Joel, and PharmyB updated the RogueQuest texture pack logo. The old one was a little difficult to read with the purple Q on a purple background, so we opted for the emblematic coins from the name instead. What do you think? Let us know if you have a preference in either direction! For now, my favourite is the one with the coin.

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