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Although we had a faint idea of the characters’ narratives within RogueQuest, the ideas hadn’t been fully formed or fleshed out. That is, until now! 

The narrative format will be as follows: each of the four characters have a cutscene at the beginning and end of each of the four realms they visit, totalling to eight cutscenes each or a total of 32 cutscenes across all characters. Each cutscene will contain concise details of the game’s story told in a non-chronological order so players can slowly piece together what is happening in the world. This narrative format is heavily based on the storytelling style used in Crypt of the Necrodancer.

Due to Minecraft’s limitations, we would be unable to provide cutscenes with visuals without extending loading times to unbearable amounts. Cutscenes play as each dungeon generates, and the huge amount of cloning required to generate the dungeon causes a lot of log which interrupts any free movement or teleporting that takes place at the same time. Whether or not this issue will be resolved in 1.9 is yet to be seen, but in any case we believe to have found a solution: using YouTube.

Our potential idea is to create the 32 cutscenes and then upload them to YouTube for players to view online. Where the cutscene should normally play, a link will provided in chat that players can easily click to access the video. This means that Minecraft can continue to do its thing without having to deal with the extra strain of audio/visual changes, and it also means we can provide interesting visuals for players to enjoy along with the narrated dialogue. The only downside with this approach is that players would have to be connected to the internet in order to see and hear the narrative; however, realistically since our maps are only available from the internet and given that it’s 2016 it’s fairly safe to assume that most players have access to the internet when using the computer. We hope this is the best way of showing off the narrative.

We will be looking at using the Mine-imator to create the visuals. Whether or not the scenes will be very busy and animated is yet to be seen – I have the feeling we’ll be opting for a Necrodancer style of a dynamic, slow-panning image rather than an animated scene.

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