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Today’s focus was the creation of the fourth realm, known as Pyralia. I wanted to make sure we didn’t start Pyralia until we had an idea of its lore and backstory, as its design space overlaps with The Core slightly. Emily, our writer, spent some time writing out all of the lore for each of the lands and did a great job on it!

Pyralia is almost inhabitable, due to its proximity to the Core – the magical force deep in the earth that connects the realms via hundreds of portals. Pyralia is a lawless realm inhabited by ruffians and outlaws. With no ruling class and no order, chaos reigns. The land is made of rock and lava, it is inhospitable and dangerous. People here make a living mostly as swords for hire, or miners. The rocks in the realm are full of precious gems and minerals heavily sought after by the other realms for their magical quality and this is the only reason why the other lands haven’t cut ties with Pyralia. But not many know of the dark energy that pulses through the realm. At this proximity, the Core’s power can have adverse effects on anything within its radius. It has caused many to go mad after prolonged contact, but there are those who seek out the Core’s magical effects, in the hope of harnessing it and becoming all powerful. It is to Pyralia that Chronos is banished for his crimes in Kryantis, and it is his proximity to the Core and his thirst for revenge that eventually drives him mad.

Of course, another game dev challenge will be attempting to fit all of this narrative into the game in a way that doesn’t impede or frustrate players. I have a few ideas in mind, so hopefully we’ll be able to find space for all this prose in the game rather than just using it for our own clarification as the devs.

In total, 11 unique tiles have been created for Pyralia so far out of the total 19 that need to be made for each land. Everyone already had an inkling of the lava theme before we even properly started Pyralia, so I think ideas for rooms have been brewing in our heads for a while which is why we’ve blasted through it so quickly. It’s a huge change from the ice and desert stages!

Gameplay-wise, we anticipate that the alchemist will be the strongest on this level due to his fire resistance potions. It fits very well with his explosive nature, I find! After all, chaos is his best friend.

One task I’ve been putting off for a while is creating the ever-growing list of assets required for the game. I finally decided to take the plunge and whip out as many as I could, and I’ve definitely left a dent in the list, though there are still a few things (like character portraits and villagers) that remain. In addition to special boss drops and (very literal) portal keys, I managed to come up with a snake texture that I’m pretty proud of!

Continuing from yesterday’s post, I did manage to get Tyler’s head done in no time at all. I even managed to get some layering for his curly hair! I like his cheeky, grinning expression which contrasts with Joel’s and Kyana’s more solemn countenance. Cheese!

Finally, I took a stab at some voice acting for Joel, the flagbearer, just so Duskreaper has some files to work with when we implement our custom interjections system. I’m aiming for constant character dialogue similar to that of Left4Dead, with characters making sounds for attacking, taking damage, death, commenting on others’ deaths, etc. We’ll see how complex we can afford to make it once we have a look at the redstone – after all, we don’t want 10 voice files going off at once for the whole game! Furthermore, I managed to collect a few sound effects from freesounds.org for a few miscellaneous actions (such as choosing a leader). Makes the game feel much more tactile!

As much as I don’t want to jinx myself, it actually looks like the end of RogueQuest’s development is in sight! We finished half of the tileset for Pyralia in one day – we have just another half to complete, two more boss fights to complete, and the enemies for two floors to be input and gameplay wise the game is ready to be run through! It’s incredible how quickly it’s come together.

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