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Wild, immature, but incredibly smart – enter the Alchemist! 

This mischievous 12 year old is one of the unlockable characters in RogueQuest. Tyler’s special weapon is all types of potions that he randomly concocts between rooms. At the end of each tile, the Alchemist will be rewarded with a new potion to turn the tides of battle – hopefully in the favour of you and your allies, though you’ll need to learn the potion’s effects through a little bit of trial and error as is always the way with science! Almost all of the alchemist’s effects are run through splash potions – meaning that the alchemist can really cause chaos, one way or another! This also means that for healing potions, for example, he doesn’t need to dish out pots but can simply apply the effects to friends or foes at his own disposition.

In keeping with his character, the names of the potions and their descriptions are childish and whimsical. The description of a potion’s smell or taste should make players laugh, and it may just serve as a clue to the potion’s abilities, or in the worst case scenario serve as a memory aid once you’ve figured out its usage. The exception is for potion upgrades that can be purchased from the shop, as more often than not players would like to know what an upgrade does before investing hard-earned cash into it.

The artwork for the alchemist is lacking at the moment. I’ve tried digitising a drawing I did of Tyler, but it’s not looking how I want it to just yet. I haven’t looked at the player head for Tyler that is used in game yet, but I expect that to be much easier than the detailed character portrait. The curse of curly hair!!! D:

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