[This post will contain spoilers about RogueQuest. You were warned!]

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No, I’m not talking about creepers – snakes are today’s hot topic! A rattlesnake in particular, and one with a pretty nasty sting.

That’s right, Kactera’s boss fight is finished and it’s a pretty tough one if you’re not sure what to do! Once you’ve seen its rotations a few times, though, you’ll be sure to get the hang of things. From dodging poison clouds to squeezing your way out of the snake’s deadly constriction, you’ll want to be fast on your feet and always alert!

I’m very proud of our progress, since we only started building boss #2 today and within the space of around 10 hours we’ve managed to finish it entirely (despite Marhjo being ill and soldiering on for us!). The sounds are also zipped into the resource pack and fully implemented, so the fight is sounding great too. The only thing currently missing is the boss music, but we’ll get that as and when our musician gets to that part. :)

We’re trying to keep everything balanced for each of our classes. The flagbearer and alchemist have access to speed buffs that make darting through the dart trap much more manageable, whereas the shieldbearer can just charge forward with her shield up. The ranger does struggle with this a little, but to compensate she does not need to scale the snake’s long scaly back and can simply shoot up into the bottom of its head.

Be quick!

In other news, PharmyB has a new preview picture for the Resource Pack which looks much swankier than the beautiful MS Paint logo I bashed out in 30 seconds. It’s currently an RQ on a purple background, though we may look at making the coins the logo instead. I’ve been working on the skins for the Flagbearer and the Shieldbearer, since when you choose a character in this game you get to actually wear their heads! Here’s what I have so far (the head is the only important part):

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