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The first task was to finish the implementation of the ranger’s abilities and purchases. The old designs were just a series of tipped arrows that could be unlocked, but we found this uninteresting, not overly strategic, and due to a few technical hitches such as no PvP the likes of the healing arrows were (for the most part) useless. For this reason we reworked the ranger upgrades with very interesting, unique and powerful abilities that should hopefully make a ranger’s life much more engaging (and explosive)! 

What to choose…

Continuing with the theme of linking the parts of the map together, it is now possible to play all the way up until Floor 2. The keys that unlock the teleports forward now actually work and they have a lovely particle effect to them, the teleports in are no longer offset in a way that suffocates you, and the villagers at each mini shop no longer spawn inside the walls.

Kryantis’s Spawn Point

Although only a small job, the lantern’s effects have now been coded into the game. Holding the lantern is meant to be a haunting experience, as it has some strange magical power affecting it, and the deeper you delve into the realms of Lycia the more uncomfortable holding it becomes.

Next on our list is properly implementing the reward for a full clear of each floor and then potentially putting together Boss #2!

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