[This post will contain spoilers about RogueQuest. You were warned!]

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Although we’ve been quiet, we certainly haven’t been idling! After spending some time finalising Tyler’s cuts and correcting Maddison audio, we’ve finally managed to piece together the teaser trailer and the official trailer. You may have seen the teaser already, but check out the full trailer below!

We built from the teaser trailer. The main feedback was a) We don’t know what on earth is going on! and b) Where is the actual gameplay? We anticipated a – it’s meant to be a teaser after all – but we wanted to make sure we tackled b in the main trailer. It’s still only a short segment of gameplay footage, but it was hard to convince ourselves to show what is essential poor footage – there’s no denying that the cutscenes LOOK better than the gameplay. Alas, we made a compromise. Hopefully it was the right amount!

If you do like the trailer, please leave us a like and maybe a little comment on the video. :3 A little help can go a long way. Thank you!

As for a progress update, all of Tyler’s videos are completed and we’re in the process of writing video descriptions, preparing thumbnails, crediting music and sound effects and all those final things. Tyler’s voice acting has been recorded (Thanks Kevin!) and I have just a couple of in-game sound effects left to extract and edit from the set of recordings. The script for Joel is just about ready now, give or take scene 5, and the script has been sent to the voice actor to have a look over.

We will be blitzing the final bits of code on the map – namely music and a few outlying bugs – in the next week at a meet up, then testing it briefly before shipping it out. :) The main thing we’re waiting for now is Joel’s cutscenes, so it’s just a matter of soldiering on with them.

Here’s hoping for a speedy release!



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