[This post will contain spoilers about RogueQuest. You were warned!]

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Since my last blog post, we’ve been hammering out cutscenes like there is no tomorrow! I can’t emphasis quite just how much work goes into the creation of these videos. Sometimes a scene will last a meager 1.5 seconds, but we still have to make costumes for the characters involved, dress the scene, import props, set up the lighting and THEN perform the actual animations. As you can see, it’s quite a lengthy process. 

The most frustrating part of it all is that we can’t show off any of the scenes yet because we don’t want to spoil the story for you, but rest assured they are looking incredible! We’re currently on Kyana’s cutscenes, and roughly 8 scenes are ready so far. I’ll share some screenshots for now and leave the rest to the imagination. 😉


Family portrait




In addition to the base 24 cutscenes,  we have been planning cutscene 25. What could that be, you ask? Well, none other than the trailer of course! We have some beautiful shots planned for it – it’s just a matter of getting them filmed!

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