[This post will contain spoilers about RogueQuest. You were warned!]

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Time is passing, and progress keeps moving forward! I’ll keep it brief, since a lot of changes have been made. 

Scriptwriting is my #1 priority. Emily and I have been going over the dialogue numerous times to clean it up and get the strongest narrative we can. Every word really needs to fight for its space as we can’t justify enormous cutscenes as they just take too much work. We also don’t want to bore players with overly lengthy videos as they will obviously want to get back into the fray as soon as possible. The actual narratives themselves I am very pleased with, and all the dialogue sounds incredible, which is why it’s so difficult to cull the texts down to the best few glimmering lines! I’ll do what I can.

Cutscenes are 100% the biggest obstacle to overcome. With only 4 out of a whopping 24 finished, it is probably going to take a few more weeks to get all the scenes ready. We’re really happy with the progress we’ve made so far and it is just killing me keeping these ones under wraps, but we can’t give away the whole story before players have had the chance to play the game, now, can we? 😛


I’ve been busy collecting drafts of all the music for the game so we have some files to work with. Our musician’s exams and coursework are all out of the way for now and he has some time to dedicate to the project, so we’ve been going through details and we’ve already got a very nice sounding Lycia and Kryantis! At this rate, I’m very confident we’ll get through all of the music in time – because I did have initial concerns that it would be quite a mammoth task to take on!

Freddie’s script has been written, voice acted, and implemented into the game! I made a boo-boo and forgot to include one line on the script, but apart from that he’s good to go!

Chronos Freddie

I’ve been skinning a plethora of characters in preparation for the cutscenes and also for in-game skins. Pictured above are Dead Chronos, Living Chronos, and Freddie the Shopkeeper. I think they look cute! Rania and Faraah have also had to be skinned. Hopefully that’s all the skinning done now.


In terms of gameplay, the Pyralia boss has been completely finished, and we’re on track to have the final boss out of the way by the end of tomorrow. Here’s hoping!


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