This series will be an attempt at keeping track of our progress here at MBG, replacing the current monthly round-up post with more regular snippets of what we’ve achieved. This helps keep you in the loop with more immediate changes and developments being made to current projects. As always, we love to hear feedback so don’t be afraid to leave a comment!

[This post will contain spoilers about RogueQuest. You were warned!]

One by one Duskreaper is tackling the classes, implementing their abilities and coding the upgrades into the shop interface. The latest character to have their turn was the ranger. The shop build is in place, it’s now just a matter of coding her powers and enabling them when appropriate. The ranger has some interesting aoe effects to help out her team along with some damage amplifiers for when fighting solo. A flash bang can dazzle enemies briefly, causing them to drop aggro for a few moments. Her flare lights up enemies to make them easier to track, and she has some special arrows and bows to add some sting to her attacks.

The shieldbearer and flagbearer upgrades have already been implemented, so once the ranger is out of the way only the alchemist will remain! Duskreaper’s redstone checklist is getting ever shorter!

Tiles-wise, the first realm, Kryantis, is just about finished. We need to finish coding in which mobs spawn where for each tile, but once that is done the whole ice level is out of the way! Kactera, the desert realm, is about five tiles from completion too, at which point we will need to wire in those mobs too. It’s really starting to tell a story just in its environment, which was one of aims for this map!

The mini-shop between floors is also coming together. Marhjo has some done great work on cutesy little stalls for the harsh, abrasive market stall owners who hound you to purchase their goods. The shopkeepers are mostly coded but just need to be linked into their proper positions for the level. We are considering adding in a wild card resource that can be traded in to any of the merchants, just in case you’re 1 diamond off that beautiful chestplate, for example.

Today I tried to finalise the designs for the third boss, a fire-breathing lion beast, but struggled to finalise anything. I instead worked on the final boss, the Chimera, which is an amalgamation of the three bosses – a mountain goat, a giant cobra and the aforementioned lion. It will need a few iterations to tighten up, but let’s just say the final boss has a lovely twist to it which should blow players away! Let’s hope the game isn’t so hard that it’s impossible to even get there in the first place. 😛

The download page is up on the website now, along with the logo that PharmyB has been working on diligently. It’s looking great! We have some nice ideas for the download page which will make it slightly different to our other current ones, but hopefully it will make it easier to read and take in.

Finally, Emily, our storywriter, has been hard at work developing the lands and the realms of our game. Now that we have a good idea about each of the realms’ histories, we are ready to place our characters within the world and flesh out their backstories some more. Stay tuned!

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