How to Make Seamlessly Looping Zone Music in Minecraft 1.9+

Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆

With the additions of sound to custom resource packs (See: Importing Custom Sounds into Minecraft), map makers have so many new ways of improving their games. One such way is the use of custom music which is become more and more prevalent. This tutorial will teach you how to make a song loop in a specific area, much like other games do – in a peaceful overworld area, peaceful music will play, and once you enter a cave or dungeon more ominous music loops – as smoothly and seamlessly as possible!  (more…)

“/help!” – A Basic Introduction to Command Blocks for Map Makers

“/help!” – A Basic Introduction to Command Blocks for Map Makers

In this blog post I will be providing map makers with a basic knowledge of command blocks to help turn their ideas into reality. Command blocks have enormous potential (especially after their 1.9 update), since they provide a lot of functionality that other redstone components, such as pistons and doors, could not even dream of achieving! I’m here to break down their uses in an easy to understand way.  (more…)

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