Prismatic is Now Colourblind-Friendly!

Prismatic is Now Colourblind-Friendly!

Good news everyone! After Prismatic’s overwhelming surge in popularity, we decided to act on our early instinct to implement a colourblind-friendly version of the map. The map is exactly the same, but the associated resource pack’s textures have been modified with symbols to represent each of the 7 colours used throughout the complex.  (more…)

The Playtesting Bible: A Guide for Game Developers

Playtesting is an incredibly common practice in the field of video game design. Without playtesters, the release version of a game would be nowhere near as high quality as the ones you see on shelves today. In this article I will look at why playtesters are important, how playtesting should be carried out and what makes a good playtester. (more…)

7 Essential Ingredients for an Unforgettable Boss Battle

The boss battle, one of the most traditional conventions in the world of video games. They have existed since the golden age of video game arcades, with the Mothership from the arcade shooter Phoenix serving as one of the first examples. But what do boss battles bring to a game? What separates a good boss fight from a bad one? And are they even necessary at all? (more…)

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